Feature Film: Private Coaching Day Rate

Feature Film: Private Coaching Day Rate

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Feature Film- aka Takeover My Calendar For The Day!

Is perfect for you if:

You want to know what needs to be worked out all at one time. You’d feel more confident making those next step, level-up changes with me right there to guide you through.

We’ll rip off that band-aid and get started!

I’m yours for six straight hours. We might work together, or we might kick things off with a call, and then I tackle some elements on my own and give it back to you so-fresh-and-so-clean, smelling like a money-maker.

Ready to breathe in the scent of moolah? Let’s work this out and make it rain!

We can discuss edits for all of the following with SOME implementation while I’m on the phone with you!

Do I work with you for the full six hours on the phone, half-n-half or all on my own? When you book, I’ll figure it out with you. Don’t worry, I’ll know.

  • your business goals and objectives
  • your brand identity
  • your elevator pitch
  • your credibility markers
  • ways to infuse more technology into your business
  • digital marketing strategies to reach new customers faster
  • edits of your website
  • edits of your social media page(s)
  • suggestions for creating compelling content
  • call to action content
  • getting found on Google
  • raising your professional profile with press and publicity

Ready to book me?

  • Congratulations on investing in yourself!
  • **After you book, you’ll receive an email with a few questions to introduce your business to me and reserve your day on my calendar.**

As we close out our 6-hour mastermind, please keep in mind one of my favorite lines:

“The fortune is in the follow-up.”

In other words, once we get you lifted off the ground and flying like the pegasus that you are, don’t look down. Keep flying higher. Follow-up in your fly and stay off the grass (legal or not). Keep flying and stay off the grass.



How do you schedule your appointment? 

Upon purchasing your "Takeover My Calendar For The Day," you'll receive an immediate e-mail with access to my calendar and instructions on how to book our time together.  

Can I purchase more coaching time?


After your take-over my calendar day, consider purchasing my Pinterest Magic Marketing Masterclass to apply a streamlined marketing strategy to your new tangible takeaways! 


*Please Note: All sales are final and the full 6-hour day must be used within 60 days.


*This is not a physical item.* After purchase, you'll receive an email with a calendar link to schedule your one-on-one coaching time with me.