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SEO Made Easy
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SEO Made Easy

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SEO Made Easy - rank on the first page of Google!

Step-by-step SEO lessons for people who want to skyrocket their page views & profits!

Purchase today & learn how to rank on the first page of Google!


SEO Made Easy: 8 modules organized into 16 easy-to-understand actionable video lessons and printable PDF cheat sheets

Led by: Shaunda Necole
Food & Lifestyle Blogger, SEO Geek & Pinterest Marketing Expert

Shaunda Necole SEO Geek

📌  You’ve got a blog and some fun content, but when it comes to traffic, ummmmm… that’s a whole other story. 

There’s a trickle of people coming to your site. Maybe even a slow stream.

You know you need to do more to get to the next level. 

Except, you don’t know where to start. 

You’ve hit up Google and Youtube, searching for “how to get more traffic.” After an hour of reading articles and watching videos that only leave you more confused, you end up shutting that drama down in favor of some less stressful drama – like watching an episode of Real Housewives. 

SEO… it can all be so confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

The good news?

I’ve been there (reality TV binges and all!) – and I’ve distilled all of the lessons, strategies, tips & tricks I’ve learned to explode my site traffic and earn more than 230K page views per month into this exciting strategy – SEO Made Easy!  


SEO Made Easy - How To Rank Top Of Google Search


What is SEO & why do you need it?
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a step-by-step strategy to help a website or page show up at the top of Google search results.
Simply put, it's how people online find what you publish & share!

Is it easy to learn SEO?
Yes! With my proven SEO strategy (the exact strategy I use) that makes SEO easy.

You'll learn what it takes and what to do to make Google love your site! Ask me your questions and show me your site to get live support and customized feedback.

📌Even better, I'll guide you with my top secrets for how I've ranked over 20 blog posts top of search and #1 on Google - in less than 6 months! 

Are you leaving money on the table?

Every moment your site is not ready for SEO, you're missing clicks-thru to your products & pages 
and leaving money on the table!

What would you do with an extra 200K page views?
Wouldn't it be nice to have your choice of Mediavine or Adthrive monetization? You'd qualify for both!

A Good SEO Strategy For Mediavine Or Adthrive

What you'll learn in SEO Made Easy:
Fun, easy-to-understand SEO & keyword strategies!

📌 How to increase your site traffic by over 300% in only a few months!

📌 How to get readers to share your blog posts and product pages.

📌 How to steadily gain thousands of new monthly page views.

📌 How to use your niche with keyword research to create viral content!

What Is SEO And Why Do I Need It? - SEO Secrets Revealed



“Before Shaunda’s lessons, I was confused and had no idea how to be seen. Everything seemed to be way too complicated. Now I know exactly what I need to do to be seen! I have total clarity. If you want to learn the secrets and step by step strategies to rock online, this is the best investment you can ever make. Do it. Just go for it!” 

-Daria DiCieli | Fragrant Branding For Women Entrepreneurs

Learn how to keep visitors on your site for multiple page views

📌 In this guided SEO membership, you’ll get:

  • Easy, actionable advice each month
  • Learn website SEO strategies to implement your very own customized keyword and traffic plan
  • 16 video lessons to watch as many times as you want!
  • Learn from site audit hot-seats for easy, use-right-away takeaways
  • BONUS: How to leverage Pinterest for Google traffic
  • BONUS: How to leverage traffic with product creation & affiliate links 

SEO How To Use Keywords To Increase Google Traffic


Learn quickly or at your own pace!

📌 The ONE THING that changes EVERYTHING SEO Made Easy: How to simplify website or blog content creation!

📌 Set up your site for success with Google: Learn about Google structured data, cards, categories, and tags.

📌 Learn keyword research made easy and the right keywords and questions to use for your site niche.

📌 Start geeking-out over your Google Analytics as you learn what stats to pay attention to with done-for-you tech and tools!

📌 Get the do’s and don’ts of content creation.

📌 Understand what Google is looking for to rank your website, give you site credibility, and domain authority.

📌 Learn what site credibility and domain authority are, and see how you rank!

📌 Make your existing content work for you like a BOSS to raise your site credibility with Google!

📌 Know what to do and not to do to avoid being penalized by Google.

📌 Update blog posts correctly and learn what to do with “thin” and stale content. 

📌 Stay up to date with growth ideas, tips, cheat-sheets, & tricks to use for rapid fire growth to increase your site clicks-thru. 



“I love how Shaunda explains EVERY-THING in detail. There was even one lesson where she did a live audit of another blogger’s site and the entire walk through was very insightful and relatable. I also love the bonus lessons she included with amazing guest speakers, as it gives me a deeper insight of what’s next.”

Ayumi Sweed | Pinkpops Design

⭐️ Boost your traffic!

⭐️ Grow your online biz!

⭐️ Inspire others!

⭐️ Make money!

Create a life you love!


SEO Made Easy Masterclass Membership by Shaunda Necole

You won’t find anyone more creative & entertaining!

A little wild in color & a lot free-spirited…

Shaunda Necole is a food & lifestyle blogger, Pinterest marketing expert, and self-professed SEO geek with over 250-thousand monthly site visits and more than 7-million monthly Pinterest views! Shaunda teaches fun, easy-to-understand SEO and keyword strategies to skyrocket traffic to your website or blog.

Shaunda is an exclusive Mediavine Food publisher

How To Become An Exclusive Mediavine Publisher

Shaunda's a Verified Pinterest Merchant & a founding member of the Pinterest Business Community!

Pinterest Business Community Founding Member Shaunda Necole


Shaunda is someone that knows the steps she took to succeed at a particular goal. She is also able to share and empower others to do the same, while customizing to their particular needs. She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. Thank you Shaunda for knowing what works!”

  – Jane Pryor | Hair We Are Salon  


“If you’re on the fence, I’d say Go Checkout NOW! Enrolling is one of the best investments I’ve made for myself and my online business. Pinterest has brought so much traffic to my store during down time it literally saved my business. And it can only get better from here. Having a great, solid and tested strategy for site traffic is game-changing and worth it for the long haul!” 

-Ayumi Sweed |

The future economy belongs to bloggers & online creators!

Hey, that's YOU!

What Are SEO Skills?

Are you ready to level up your SEO skills?

This site went from zero to 53,000 page views - real quick!
Monthly website visitors from Google traffic

SEO Traffic And Growth How To

Combine Google with Pinterest for a traffic EXPLOSION!

18K Website Visitors From Pinterest

500% traffic increase straight to this student's website!

Pinterest Traffic Increase Zero To 400 Website Pageviews



Rank high with Google's organic search results
& increase your site revenue for FREE!

Simple SEO Skills Made Easy



More traffic = more money!

SEO will allow you to make money from your site while you sleep – or while you watch Real Housewives.

(You know, that passive income thing.)

Bloggers Income Report

This membership is for you if...

⭐️ You’re an experienced blogger or online biz owner looking for an organic (non-paid) source for traffic to monetize your site.

You’re ready to learn the SEO secrets of how other sites are getting 100’s of thousands of page views each month because you’d like to be one of them!

⭐️ You’re a new blogger or online creator looking to learn from an experienced creator to make your life easier AND get better results faster.

⭐️ You’re ready to start a blog or online biz and want to know how to do it right from the start!


“I’m now getting 15k page views a month on my site. I’m up 8k! If you’re serious about driving traffic to your site. You need Shaunda’s strategies. They’re simple, cost efficient and effective. Thanks for putting together a course where the results are tangible.”

– Chef Kenneth Temple | Food Network Chopped Champion


Start now & join SEO Made Easy!