Your Favorite TV Show: 3 Power-Hours Private Coaching

Your Favorite TV Show: 3 Power-Hours Private Coaching

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Your Favorite TV Show- 3 Episodes- aka 3 Power-Hours

Is perfect for you if:

You’re ready to know what would work better and get to work making those changes! Learn from me what needs to be fixed, and I’ll check back in on the progress two more times for improvements and any updates.

Unless this is an EXTREME make-over, we should be able to discuss MOST of the following over 3 sessions, with tangible takeaways, actionable advice and next steps to keep improving:

  • your business goals and objectives
  • a social media makeover with quick actionable tips for instant visibility
  • your brand identity
  • your elevator pitch
  • your credibility markers
  • ways to infuse more technology into your business
  • digital marketing strategies to reach new customers faster
  • edits for your website
  • edits of your social media page(s)
  • suggestions for creating compelling content
  • call to action content
  • Google, SEO or Pinterest marketing ideas to reach new customers faster
  • raising your professional profile with press and publicity

Time to go from pony to unicorn to pegasus FLYING!

Ready to book me?

  • Congratulations on investing in yourself!
  • After you book, you’ll receive an email with a few questions to introduce your business to me and reserve your three episodes/hours on my calendar.

As we go from episode hours 1 to 3, please keep in mind two of my favorite quotes:

“Innovation is rewarded, while execution is worshipped.” and "Education is not implementation."

In other words, don’t be a pony grazing in the fields. Take action on the next steps I give you to fly like a pegasus. Don’t be a pony- be a pegasus!

Know you’re going to want more than 3 hours?

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How do you schedule your appointment? 

Upon purchasing your 3 Power-Hours, you'll receive an immediate e-mail with access to my calendar and instructions on how to book our time together.  

Can I purchase more coaching time? 


If you think you'll need more time, consider purchasing my major do-over, extreme make-over "Feature Film," aka takeover my calendar for a day!

It's like I'm watching the first 3 episodes of your favorite TV show with you, giving you my personal review of each episode as it airs!


*Please Note: All sales are final and each 1-hour time slot must be used within 60 days.

 *This is not a physical item.* After purchase, you'll receive an email with a calendar link to schedule your one-on-one coaching time with me.