Instagram Makeover™ Masterclass
Instagram Makeover™ Masterclass
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Instagram Makeover™ Masterclass

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Learn how to grow your Instagram today!

Take your Instagram account from botched or basic to BADASS & BEAUTIFUL!

Stop chasing Instagram followers all thirsty like a desperate housewife!
Learn IG keyword & tagging strategies to reach your target audience.
Go from botched & basic to BADASS & BEAUTIFUL!

4 video lessons + 3 makeovers with use-right-away apps, cheat-sheets, takeaways & tips.

Instagram Makeovers are lessons with real-life entrepreneurs and online creators. You'll learn as I walk them through changes to make to their IG accounts with the strategy behind each makeover explained so you can make the same changes while understanding how to use Instagram for your business.

You'll find that my "makeover" approach is one of the most straightforward SEO strategies to understand and implement into your social media presence. All tactics that I teach are based on data-driven results, so there's no guessing involved!


Instagram Makeover


Why does this matter? Because you're running a business, right! And let's face it, you're not considered a "real" business if you're not visible on Instagram. 

(I didn't make the rules!)

But what I did make is my Instagram Makeover Masterclass to show you how to go from botched or basic to badass and beautiful so you can play to win in business on Instagram!


Enroll in my Instagram Makeover Masterclass!

Go from "Meh..." to "Lookin good & makin' moneyyy moves!"

An Instagram Makeover is perfect for you if:

You’re ready for opportunities, followers and subscribers to come to you, rather than chasing (all thirsty like a desperate housewife) after them!

Your Instagram account is boring— and you’re not! You need a fix.

I got you!

You'll get 4 guided video lessons with actionable tips to use right away on your Instagram account!

Make game-changing quick fixes while you watch!

  • Learn why your name matters the most, above everything else on Instagram
  • What should be in your Instagram bio? (And what to leave out!)
  • How to add a call to action button on your Instagram page
  • What words you should use to reach new followers and customers faster
  • How to make your Instagram page stand out from the crowd
  • What to add to your Instagram Stories to get more views
  • See before and after Instagram makeover pics from real-life entrepreneurs and online creators!

You’ll also get access to the exact apps and online tools I use to keep my Instagram page in a high ranking status!

Get the quick fixes you need and go from “Meh…” to “Lookin good & makin' moneyyy moves!”



*This Instagram Makeover Masterclass purchase is for a digital course. You'll receive immediate access to the course video training upon purchase.